Deborah Dunn, LMFT/Founder/Community in Crisis, Inc.

Overview of model for building disaster resilience in small, rural communities with limited resources

In 2005, citizens in Johnston County, North Carolina started a nonprofit, Community in Crisis, Inc. as an effort to teach churches and other groups in small communities how to respond to disaster in their own communties, especially in the first 72 hours after an event. This training module is an overview of a simple process/model that can be adapted to any community in the world. It is available at no charge for your use, in the hopes that it will be the stimulus you need to start your own grassroots movement in disaster education, mitigation, and response. However, please visit our website www.communityincrisis.org to learn how to can invite us to speak in your community and work with us to build a disaster resilience right in your own back yard!